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Whether you are an individual or are part of a club, school or business Aark can embroider individual or bulk items to accommodate your requirements.  Why not pop into our shop or use the 'contact' tab at the top of the page to send us a message for a no obligation quotation.




Design Set up Charge


The vast majority of our customers benefit from a free set up charge to convert their logo into the required format for embroidery or printing.


Occasionally a design may have an increased level of complexity.  In these instances Aark reserves the right to charge a small set up fee to convert the design into the appropriate format for embroidery or printing.

Griff Growl web1.jpg

Image supplied by customer

griff growl web 2.jpg

Design converted into stitches using specialised software.

Griff growl web 3.jpg

Completed design onto a poloshirt


It is the customer's repsonsibility to ensure that they have the releveant permission to use any registered trademarks/copyrighted material and that no copyright is infringed by the instructions given to Aark to re-produce their chosen design.

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